The Top 10 Country Fishing Songs (VIDEOS)


As easy as the “Top 10″ may sound, have you ever sat down and really thought about just how many Country songs include at least a line or two about fishing?

With that being said, we’ve tried our best to narrow the huge list down to include the songs that truly have you wanting to grab your rods and hit the closest water!

We could have an entire list of just Brad Paisley songs that talk about fishing, so we’ll throw in this bonus track that you may not have heard before. It’s a “catchy” ole’ tune.

BONUS: Brad Paisley – “Catch all the fish”


Not only can Casey Ashley catch fish with the best of them as an Elite Series Angler, but he can carry a tune. When he’s not carrying a bag of bass to the weigh-ins, he’s carrying a guitar.

#10: Casey Ashley – “Fisherman”


A bad day of fishing is better than, well, anything…

# 9: Billy Currington – “Bad Day of Fishin’”


Justin Moore proves what we already know, in fact, people who fish are simply better people. =]

#8: Justin Moore – “Bait a Hook”


FISH. We all love to. Craig Campbell makes it a song, makes it the title of the song, brings in Mariko Izumi from WFN’s “Hooking Up with Mariko” TV Show and it’s a hit!

#7: Craig Campbell – “FISH”


Trace Adkins will grab your heart and grab your passion for family, friends, and fishing in this video starring his youngest daughter Trinity.

#6: Trace Adkins – “Just Fishin”




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